Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recent Keira Quotes

Here are a couple things Keira has said this week that got us cracking up. lol

"Mommy do you know crocodiles brush their teeth? And they have butt soap to wash their butts in the water." 10/20/2010

"I thought lions and tigers eat cheetos." 10/17/2010

"so I got the girls new toothpaste, and I was squeezing it out and Keira saw that it was pink instead of her old blue toothpaste. she then says the following with extreme enthusiasm: "OH WOW MOMMY! It's PINK! That's cool right?!" She then starts brushing her teeth and takes it out and says, "oh mommy! its beautiful!" 11/14/2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Funny things Keira says 5/7/10

I was on the phone talking to daddy about him taking Keira to the doctor, and he said that he couldn't because he was gross and needed a shower still. lol So, apparently Keira heard him talking because a few hours later this is what conversation took place in my car coming from the dr office...

KEIRA: Mommy, can we go to chuckie cheese today because I got shots at the doctor, and I'm a good girl?
ME: Well, we'll talk about it later when we get home. I don't know about today.
KEIRA: Is it because daddy is gross and nasty and needs a shower?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cadence is the big 1!

I can't believe Cadence is already a year old. It's gone by so fast..faster than Keira's first birthday came and went. We celebrated her birthday by grilling out steaks, potatoes and mac&cheese with our neighbor friend Chris who just "happened" to stop by while we were grilling out. We ate dinner inside, then let Cadence dig into her cake. It was a 4 inch blue cake with green around the bottom of it to look like grass. Then there were different colored flowers all over it with ladybugs also. And there was a huge yellow flower on top with a ladybug on it. You know..cuz she's our Cadybug! I'm so creative I know. Well, I didn't bake the cake, but I came up with the idea of it and had Walmart make it. haha
We then let Cadence open up her presents which turned into Keira opening them all for her while Cadence played with the toys she got and threw the clothes behind her. She's so cute. Keira and Cady play together so well. I love watching them talk and play with each other. They now also sleep in the same room together. Finally! I can get some sleep after sleeping with babies since August 2005! (which was when I got pregnant with Keira...). Keira slept in our bed/in her crib next to our bed until I was about 6 months pregnant. Then of course, Cadence came and I had another baby to sleep in bed with or be woken up by at all hours of the night in her crib. For the most part though, Cadence did well at sleeping in her own crib. Keira was the complete opposite however. That girl refused to sleep in the crib most nights.
Anyway, I'm just rambling on about random things because it's 1:30am on a Friday night, and I should be in bed. Wow. If you told me 4 years ago that I said that, I'd laugh in your face and say, "yeah right! Me!? Go to bed at 1:30am on a Friday night? You must be joking! I will be out with my friends until 3:30am and then off to IHOP for a 4:00am breakfast eating a smiley face pancake with sausage, bacon and chocolate milk and I'll be 110 lbs forever!"

Ok...seriously...before I say anything else ridiculous..yet true..I am going to bed! Goodnight!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Terrible Week and we're done with Terrible Two's! Here we come Terrible Three's!

I love being a mommy of two precious girls under the age of 3, but man it would be lovely if I didn't have to keep getting up from the computer to get them out of things like: eating paper, coloring on the dining room table, getting into mommy's purse, stealing bananas off the kitchen counter, knocking over the air purifier and other various lamps. But I guess it's my own fault for leaving out my purse, paper and crayons for small children to get into.
This week has been another crazy, unexpected week as usual. This past Monday, I had to take both girls to the doctor in the afternoon and aparently they just had a cold (says the dr) and they should get over it without giving them prescription medications. They had both had coughs for a couple weeks and Cadence had a fever a few days before that. So, believing what the dr said, because he's a dr and dr's are supposed to know what they're doing, we went along our merry way without prescription medications and by Tuesday afternoon, Cadence had another fever. I called the dr and he said that we should just give her tylenol and nothing else because the fever should go away and the cold as well. Because a fever is just something you typically get when you have a cold.
So, believing what the dr said, I again listened to him and just gave her tylenol. I missed the 2nd half of work Wednesday also because Cadence couldn't go to daycare since she had a fever Tuesday. Yay! I was really just frustrated that they've both been sick this long and I wanted them to get better. On Wednesday, Keira complained about her throat hurting (probably from coughing for 2.5 weeks straight) and on Thursday she had a fever. Not high enough to keep her out of daycare on Friday, but I went ahead and took her back home because Kevin was off work. That night I took them both to a pediatric urgent care clinic and the dr said Keira had an ear infection in both ears, and that they both had sinusitis (sinus infections I think). This could have been fixed on Monday and my babies wouldn't have been sick on Keira's birthday. This really irritates me. I also could have not missed work Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning and been at an urgent care clinic spending $75.00/child until 7:00pm Thursday. Really frustrating week. Oh well, at least my beauties are feeling better already with their ammoxicillin they were put on last night.
Hopefully Keira will be up for roller skating, opening presents, and eating cake and pizza Saturday for her birthday party! I'm sure she'll be doing much better by then. She seems to be doing better already today.
I can't believe Keira is turning 3 today at 10:02pm! (9:02pm San Antonio, TX time!) It still feels like I just had her yesterday. I had a rough pregnancy with that one. The labor wasn't bad because I got an epidural as soon as I sat in the hospital bed. haha. But it was still rough because I was in labor with her for 16 hours. Anyway, here are a few pictures of her from newborn to age 3! It's good to look back!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 2008

OMG...It's been almost a year since I've updated this! I'm horrible! I guess I thought I was going to quit blogging..but I'm back! I think for a while I'm going to blog about the fun stuff that's going on with my baby girls and our family. Keira's almost 3 in a couple weeks! And Cadence will be 1 on April 24th! Crazy how time flies! Right now though I want to talk about the funny things Keira has said over the past year. She's so funny. So here is a list of the funny things she's said over the past year. They are a little mixed up but enjoy!

March 09: Dora Kitchen talking: "Let's make something to eat! What do you want to eat?!" Keira: "ummm...apples, banana, cockies (cookies)" by herself playing in her room I could overhear her saying this.

March 09: "Mommy turn yite on". (yite-light).

12/25/08: "It's Poopuh, Bobie, Too-dee, Moon-oh, and Pex." The yo-gabba gabba toys she got for Christmas. (aka in same order: foofa, brobie, too-dee, moon-oh, and plex).

12/14/08: "I give Cay-yence hug and kiss mommy". (Cay-yence: Cadence).

12/10/08: "I go in my woom and pay in my cave in my house". (Keira pushes her play house up to her closet and crawls in her closet. She calls her closet her cave. woom: room, pay: play).

12/8/08: "OH! It'''s Kissmus tee? Mommy! It''s...Kissmus tee? Oh yes! I yike it!" (translation: It's Christmas tree? I like it!).

12/25/08: "Pesents! (aka: presents) Is it mine? Is it yours? ..It's yours! Yes! It's Reese and Zack's! Open! Open!"

12/4/08: "I want a besketba". (sounds like basketball, but what she is really saying every morning is "I want a breakfast bar").

3/13/09: (As Cadence is trying to push all the buttons by the television/cable box Keira says) "No no Cadence! Get away from that tv. You gonna get spankin'."

3/14/09: (As Keira is in the shoe closet putting on some sandals she says) "Mommy, I gonna put my shoes on and go get you some pickles."

3/14/09: (as I'm sweeping the bathroom floor, Keira walks down the hallway sweeping the carpet with her child sized broom she says) "Mommy, look. I'm cleaning the floor. I have to help you clean the house. Then you get me pink sucker."

3/14/09: (as Keira is putting on her shoes she says): "I'm going outside mommy.
I'll be right back. Ok? You understand? You don't say no to me."

3/18/09: Keira brought me my toothbrush with toothpaste perfectly on it and said, "Mommy, you brush your teeth. You go to bed and get up in morning."

4/8/09: Keira comes running into our room to go to bed. She says, "Mommy daddy, mommy daddy, I don't want to go to bed in my room. I want to go to bed in your room." I say, "Why Keira? Go back to bed." She says, "Because I scary mommy." She says scary instead of scared. So cute!

4/11/09: Daddy was in the kitchen and he burped...loudly. Keira says, "Nice burp daddy!"

Right now we're currently looking for a church to go to. Maybe Bandera Road Community Church or River City Community Church. I think that's what they're called. We're visiting the BRCC church for the first time on Easter Sunday. We'll see how we like it. I really want a church to go to where I can join a group where there are women my age with young children so I feel like I can fit in and belong somewhere. I just don't have many friends in San Antonio even though we've been here since August 2006. I also want to go to a church that has a great youth program for Keira and a good nursery for Cadence. Keira didn't really start talking about Jesus and singing christian songs and children's songs until she started going to her daycare she's at now which is at a church. I love the daycare! Resurrection Childrens' Center is awesome!
I'd also like to make more girlfriends in this town. That would be awesome. Nothing would be better, however, than being with my absolute best friends from back home that I've been friends with since elementary, middle school, high school and some since college! You all completely understand me and thankfully I can be myself around without feeling like I'm being judged in some way or completely ignored or looked at funny for being silly/talking too much/talking too know my usual self. I love you guys and miss you all like crazy! Hopefully we'll move home in the next few years or so, so I won't have to deal with all of this "friend searching" and for the most part be disappointed. My best friends here in SA are Ashlee and Melissa. I love you guys. If it weren't for you all, I'd pretty much have no girlfriends here at all to hang out with (and sing karoake with)! Or have a babysitter OMG. lol Well, that's really it for this blog. I need to get the Easter baskets ready for tomorrow morning! Easter bunny is on his way! Yay!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July News I am so not good at keeping up with this. I guess when you have two children under the age of two, it can be a little difficult. What's new with my life? Well, I'm now trying to lose 15 pounds. I had no problem losing the weight with my first child, but after my second baby it has gotten quite difficult to lose that last 15 pounds. So, I have had to start working out and eating better. I need to do this anyway. I decided to start lap swimming at a local gym. I have a free week pass right now that I'm taking advantage of. After that is finished with, I think I'm going to wait a couple weeks until we get paid my first paycheck at my new job before I get a membership with this gym. I went for the first time yesterday to lap swim. It was great. They also had a sona (spelling). It was great to get some alone time. God knows I need it. I think this may be my new favorite hobby.

Other that this, I started working a couple weeks ago for a different company, Ability HomeCare. I love my job so far, but I'm still waiting on getting all of my own patients. I have one so far of my own. The first week I worked, I was substituting for some Speech Therapists that were on vacation. So, I got plenty of hours, but now they are back from vacation and I only have 2 visits a week to one patient. I need to have 23-28 visits a week to be full time if that tells you anything. I should have all of my patients in the next week or so I'm hoping. God, I'm hoping. I can't afford to wait much longer.

Monday, May 26, 2008

News of a New Job and New Baby!

So, I had an interview this past Thursday at Ability and I got the job! I am going to be doing homehealth speech therapy beginning sometime in June after school ends. I'm so excited to be staring with a new company and actually have a salary instead of getting paid per hour. I'll also have two weeks vacation, two sick days, two personal days, and 5 paid holidays. I didn't have that before. I didn't even get a paid maternity leave. I can't wait to start with this company.

News about Cadence:
Cadence is 32 days old now. She is out of the NICU and home doing well. Her next appointment is for her two month visit. She is doing great. She's been eating well and gaining weight finally. Keira and Cadence are staying home right now with their babysitter, Ashlee. I decided to keep them out of daycare for a while so they can stay together and bond. I went back to work after being off for 4 weeks. I had the first 3 weeks off after having the baby. I will work until June 5th and then start at Ability soon after.

New Pics of Cadence and Keira
the girls